Defenx Professional Services Support, Integration and Monitoring for Akamai Products.

One of the main issues when adopting a new platform is managing the integration and the operation process that keeps it alive.

A programmatic and structured implementation, infrastructure and application management and support are crucial elements in our offering on Akamai products.

Our team help the Customer from both technical and project management standpoints, ensuring completion of the integration processes and optimising the timeline and reducing as much as possible the impact on the Customer’s infrastructure and resources, producing all the necessary documentation that goes with the service plus compliance requirements if needed.

Managed Integration

Our product integration service includes:

  • A dedicated and certified Solution Architect ready to provide guidance for all the necessities and potential issues with the integration through a well defined process with specific items for each product; the effort quantity, measured in working days, will be agreed upon in an assessment phase with the objective of guiding the Customer and all the project stakeholders
  • One or more Solution Engineers dedicated to providing the actual integration and configuration work, using the specifics defined during the planning phase

The integration service includes the possibility to work during off-hours when onboarding critical applications

Helpdesk Support

A service that makes our Support Engineers available during office hours via email.
All our support personnel are highly qualified and certified at the maximum level and are ready to tackle any issues you might have, such as:

  • Configuration changes
  • Security incidents
  • Troubleshooting for current/past issues
  • Information request

In addition, our engineers are always in close contact with Akamai’s professional support services and if necessary, we can involve them rapidly through our priority communication channel.

24/7 Support module

This additional support service module unlocks on-call 24/7 support available through our Helpdesk Support, including any holiday periods within a dedicated geographic number, all while delivering the same level of support that our Customers receive during office hours; this service level is especially useful for critical services or 24/7 operations.


Our helpdesk handles all requests in real time with maximum priority and we proudly guarantee the following levels of service: