This disclosure describes the ways in which personal data of users and consumers (together, ‘Users’) of the website, www.defenx (the ‘Website’) may be treated.
Such treatment is carried out by Defenx, located at Via Caslaccio 4, 6828 Balerna (Switzerland) pursuant to applicable Swiss law, and to federal law relating to data protection of June 19, 1992 and subsequent amendments and modifications.
Defenx will use such data only as strictly necessary. Consequently, use of such data shall be only as minimally required, and in such a way as to exclude use when anonymous data could be used in lieu of personal data to achieve the same result.
Defenx declines any responsibility in the event of access to internet pages via links on the Site.

Personal data shall be used in the context of services offered by Defenx through the Site, and such use shall be limited to the following purposes :

(i) to allow Users to activate products and/or services as described on the Site (Activation)
(ii) to allow communication of information to Users relating to services offered by the Site and/or to follow up on requests by Users relating to processing such requests and to fulfilment of legal, administrative, accounting, and tax obligations relating to purchases made by Users on the Site (Purchases)
(iii) to manage correspondence and service alerts relating to User services
(iv) to verify the completeness, validity, and correctness of the data, in order to avoid high-tech fraud, and
(v) for marketing and promotional activities relating to services offered by Defenx and/or partners with whom Defenx collaborates from time to time.

The transmission of personal data is optional, except as required by applicable laws and regulations, but the refusal to submit such data means that Defenx may not offer the services described on the Site to Users and/or may not start, manage, or complete Activation and/or Purchases and/or make future commercial offers to Users relating to the above-mentioned services. The optional data used for services, to make Purchases, and for marketing and promotional activities will be specified precisely. The lack of communication of optional data will not prevent Activation or Purchases.

Defenx may use User personal data even in the absence of User consent consistent with applicable law.

The personal data collected for the uses outlined in sections i), ii), iii) and iv) shall be stored only for such time as is necessary to provide the services offered by Defenx through the Site. In the event of the absence of the above-mentioned requirements, the personal data will be immediately deleted.
The personal data collected for the uses outlined in sections i) and ii) may be shared with Defenx’s commercial partners, who, upon receipt of such personal data, will act as independent holders of such User personal data.

The User personal data will be used by authorized employees who are specifically selected and authorized by Defenx in order to avoid accessing of such data by non-authorized persons or illegal use by third parties. Personal data may be used by Defenx’s commercial partners and/or third parties (for example, services providers) who are appointed as responsible parties by Defenx.
An updated list of such parties and authorized users of personal data appointed by Defenx, as well as of commercial partners with whom Defenx collaborates from time to time, is available upon request by Users at the contact information set forth below.

The personal data may be transferred to countries of the European Union, the European Economic Area, and/or other countries in which it may not be possible to insure a similar level of privacy. The personal data will not be released. In any case, no personal data shall be transmitted, sold and/or transferred to third parties without prior notice to Users and without their consent, consistent with applicable law.

Defenx guarantees that the security and confidentiality of such personal data shall be protected with suitable security measures, consistent with the LPD, in order to reduce the risks of destruction or loss, even accidental, of data, of unauthorized use, or treatment not permitted or inconsistent with the use for which such data was collected.
Defenx does not assume any responsibility for data transmitted via internet.

Users have the right to receive confirmation of the existence of their personal data from Defenx, its arrangement in intelligible format, update, correction and integration of the data, deletion, conversion to anonymous format or data blocking in violation of law, and to object to such use. Such requests must be sent to the following addresses: Defenx, Via Caslaccio 4, 6828 Balerna (Switzerland), fax: +41 91 99 32 304 – e-mail:

Defenx reserves the right to update this notice.
Users will be notified of such modifications on the Site’s home page as soon as they are adopted and they shall be binding when posted.