Deliver better web experiences, made easy with robust, self-serviceable apps.

Run application logic at the edge

Execute application logic closer to end users for common use cases like load balancing.

Get greater scale and offload

Provide a branded waiting room or offload processing from redirects and URL rewrites.

Achieve granular traffic control

Load balance apps, control traffic migration, and segment traffic based on policy.

Enhance user experiences for common use cases

App Load Balancer

Achieve high levels of performance and availability, and efficiently scale infrastructure.

Phased Release

Facilitate a fast rollout of canary releases with real users and the ability to fail back.

Audience Segmentation

Perform a traffic split with cookies for A/B testing with session stickiness.

Visitor Prioritization

Decrease abandonment by setting up a user-friendly waiting room for peak traffic.

API Prioritization

Avoid long waits by prioritizing API traffic for user traffic segments.

Request Control

Provide fast and easy access control for your web applications.

Edge Redirector

Easily manage and offload high volumes of URL redirects to Akamai’s edge platform.

Forward Rewrite

Boost SEO and improve UX by rewriting clean or semantic URLs at the edge.

Input Validation

Protect your site from behavioral or brute force attacks through misuse of web forms.