Our Products
Defenx offers four headline products.

Defenx Antivirus : a standalone Antivirus solution securing personal and family desktops. Defenx Security Suite : the complete product all-in-one that include the award-winning firewall, antispyware, antispam and integral host protection. Defenx Mobile Security Suite : suitable for all Tablet&Smartphone devices. Defenx Network Security : developed for SME, ensuring a reliable endpoint protection for enterprise.

For Home

Discover the quality of Defenx products for Informatics Security.

  •  Pro-active protection
  •  Data Digital Safe
  •  Real-Time Scan
  •  Antivirus
  •  Antispyware
  •  Antimalware
  • Web filter
  •  Automatization rules
  •  Entertainment Mode
  •  One-click removable device scan
  •  Bidirectional Firewall

For Mobile

Protect your mobile devices with our dedicated solutions.

  •  Geolocalization
  •  Remote deletion of your data
  •  Remote device blocking
  •  SMS/MMS filtering and blocking
  •  Whitelist & Blacklist
  •  Real-time protection
  •  On-demand scanning
  •  Simple to activate and configure
  •  Intuitive interface
  •  Low memory usage
  •  Low battery consumption

For Business

The Defenx solutions for Companies designed and built for your own business.

  •  Pro-active protection
  •  Data Digital Safe
  •  Real-Time Scan
  •  Antivirus
  •  Antispyware
  •  Antimalware
  •  Web filter
  •  Antispam
  •  Banner an Pop-Up Block
  •  Ethernet Protection
  •  Management Console

Defenx is available for your free evualation for 30 days.
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Why Defenx?

all devices

With Defenx now you can protect your PC, smartphone and tablet. For a 360 ° protection.

all devices

By purchasing a license you will be entitled to Defenx continuous and constant updates for the malware database, so having a complete protection from all types of malware.

one click removal tool

Infected devices and you do not know how to clean it? Install Defenx and with a simple click will remove all the threats present in your device.

light & fast

All our products are light and fast and use the available hardware resources in an inteligent way. Allowing the execution of all of your application without any slowdown.

Stay Protected with Defenx

Millions of users have chosen Defenx, what are you waiting for? Defenx delivers computer security solutions to home pc users as well as SME.

Need Support?

Can't find a solution for your problem? Open an email ticket an we will answer the questions. The service is free.

Defenx offers security software products that share two main features : simplicity and innovation. They have been developed to provide a complete security suite that is able to meet all the market needs. Defenx offers security solutions for private users and for small, medium and large company networks.
Defenx solutions are currently available worldwide.