Store and protect content with the most globally distributed cloud storage.

Boost performance through global distribution

Deliver enhanced user experience without compromising on performance.

Maintain superior reliability and availability

Ensure your content is readily accessible by replicating it in multiple locations.

Scale storage globally on demand

Easily scale during traffic surges with the network’s automatic expansion.

How Does NetStorage Work?

NetStorage is a highly scalable, feature-rich cloud storage solution, offering automatic geo-distributed content replication for resiliency, high availability, and performance.

With architecture that is always reliable and available NetStorage offers the best features that deliver quality performances to address your storage needs. The solution automatically replicates all content across multiple geographic regions for insurance and resilience purposes. The dynamic intelligence capability uses built-in traffic management to identify optimal storage locations, closest to the end-user, via an integrated Global Traffic Management (GTM) algorithm. The scalable infrastructure is able to remove the burden of storage capacity planning, while supporting rapid on-demand storage needs for services such as DVR functionality for live streaming events.

In addition, NetStorage offers flexible content management. It supports all varieties of upload methods including premium uploads (using Aspera Upload Acceleration), standard uploads, self-service integration, as well as streaming solution and transparency.


Automatic content replication

Get resiliency and availability by replicating content automatically across multiple regions.

Scalable infrastructure

Remove the burden of storage capacity planning while quickly supporting on-demand storage needs.

Simplified media workflows

Utilize NetStorage as part of your content preparation workflow.

Dynamic mapping

Bring content closer to the user for enhanced performance with built-in traffic management.

Flexible content management

Support many upload methods, like Aspera, FTP, SFTP, FTPS, SCP, rsync, Wget, and CMShell.

Cost efficiency

Reduce budgeting complexity through a simple, straightforward pricing model.