Network optimizations to deliver rich, dynamically generated content.

Rapid delivery of dynamic content

Enhance user experience and deliver superior experiences by accelerating of your dynamic content to users globally.

Increase user engagement

Increase website effectiveness by effortlessly leveraging real user data.

Increase availability

Reduce downtime by serving content from DSA’s cloud storage in case all your data centers go down.

Expand your business

Maximize your scalability without the need to expand your infrastructure.


Deliver content using fastest internet routes

DSA leverages the Akamai Cloud Delivery Platform to optimize Internet routes to the origin so that dynamic content is delivered to your users via the fastest, most reliable routes.

Customize your content to individual users

DSA accurately identifies your users geographic location, network type and network condition so that content can be targeted in real time for each user.

Deliver websites using IPv6

With DSA you can continue to deliver your websites using IPv6, even when your infrastructure has not been upgraded from the legacy IPv4 standard.

Cloud based storage solution

DSA offers an optimized storage solution by providing secure, replicated cloud-based storage that reduces the burden and costs associated with storing content in a reliable manner.

Offload authentication to increase performance

Increase performance by moving authentication functionality to the Akamai Cloud Delivery Platform rather than requiring these decisions to be made through interaction with your origin infrastructure.

How Does Dynamic Site Accelerator Work?

The edge server continuosly pulls fresh content from the origin as needed via an optimized network connection.

Users connect to your dynamic application through the closest Akamai server. Akamai’s globally distributed network of servers caching content at the edge of internet for superior site delivery.

Dynamic Site Accelerator runs on more than 200,000 servers to provide fast, reliable and secure delivery. Increased scale and high availablity at origin by offloading content and traffic via the Akamai Cloud Delivery Platform.


Reduce IT investment and operating costs

Built on the Akamai Cloud Delivery platform, DSA accelerates the delivery of dynamic content to users worldwide. This increases your scalability and reduces infrastructure expenses.

Site Failover for business continuity

Improve business continuity by directing web content requests to an alternate origin location when there is a failure at the primary origin location. This can be configured across disparate network carriers, cloud providers, or on-premise infrastructure environments.

Boost performance by proactively fetching content

By analyzing user behavior data and web sessions, DSA determines which content is required by the application. It then preemptively fetches content from origin and stores it close to the user so it can be assembled and delivered faster, making pages load sooner and eliminating gaps in the user experience.

Gain valuable insights

DSA monitors and analyzes your visitor and site performance data and provides insights to make website improvements. This reduces the time to market for your web applications.

Engage more users

DSA analyzes real time data continuously and automatically to select an optimzed path to the origin server by avoiding internet congestion points and outages. This results in the delivery of dynamic content more quickly and reliably to end-users.

Secure cloud storage reduces costs and increases availability

Your assets are continuously available by delivering traffic via cloud storage to provide business continuity in the event of a datacenter outage or other infrastructure failure.