Network Security
Network Security

While the Internet gives you access to a large quantity of information and business opportunity, it also exposes your computer to a multitude of security threats and privacy breaches that most of us are not aware of. Internet threats are no longer limited to viruses; they extend to spyware, malicious active code, spam, hacking, etc. Whenever a computer connects to the Internet, it becomes a potential target for hackers. Modern Internet threats require proactive protection and monitoring of diverging software behaviour in systems combined with traditional signature-based virus and spyware protection. Network Security is a powerful but easy-to-use comprehensive security solution that offers protection against the new breed of threats. It is a centrally-managed solution consisting of a tightly-integrated virus protection, spyware protection, spam protection, identity protection and firewall. Network Security helps you to safeguard your computer from new emerging threats like network viruses, spam emails, inappropriate content and spyware that can compromise your privacy. It puts you in total control of the communication in and out of your computer.

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