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Security solutions in tune with your brand

Our products are secure and ready to be integrated with your business and your brand.
Trust our experience to offer your customers maximum security and protection!

Mobile Security Suite

Mobile security applications are an emerging and expanding market; whatever your specialisation, protection is seen as a necessity and a fundamental addition to your business. Provide your customers with added protection to become their point of reference for digital security. Up-to-date and state-of-the-art technology allows you to focus on your customers.

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Cloud Backup & Sync

Personal and business data is of strategic importance in all digital processes. Collecting and archiving this data will ensure loyalty and recurring revenue. Our software and apps are translated into 16 languages, and we can offer them with your brand in under 30 days. Whether via revenue sharing or a licence fee, we will work with you no matter your business model.

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Defenx Privacy Advisor is an app for Android that lets you track what information the apps that you have installed on your phone can access.

Mobile Security Suite

Ready to go

If time plays an essential role in your business, our straightforward solutions will allow you to start selling in no time.

Made to measure

We are able to customise the colours and icons to adapt to your brand identity and build a solution that meets your needs.

Scalable business

Manage your users and licences. We handle the technology while you focus on revenues, with no expensive upfront investments.



Virus scanner

Anti phishing

Navigazione sicura


Cloud Backup & Sync

Desktop or Mobile

Our personal or business cloud products are tailored to suit all your customers, saving photos and documents from desktop or mobile in 16 different languages.

Single sign-on

The applications are all integrated using single sign-on authentification; we do not save passwords and all our databases are encrypted and pseudonymised.

Hosted or in-house

Our Rome datacentre is able to serve over 2 million users with 4 petabytes of storage. But if you require in-house hosting, we have a licence just for you.

Protezione totale da Cryptolocker

Files are protected from outside attacks

If one of your employees' computers gets infected with malware, the administrator can always recover a clean version of the files from the company's Memopal account.


Fast file recovery from the cloud

You can recover files from the cloud to a local device or external hard drive at any time. You can choose which version of the file to restore based on the date and time.


A shared folder

Your team will have access to a shared and synced folder to exchange files and folders securely. Thanks to this folder, all employees will always have access to the latest version of the file that they are sharing with the team, and any changes that they make will be instantly implemented across the network.


Multiplatform and available in 16 languages

Puoi installare Memopal su tutti i tuoi dispositivi desktop e server Windows, Macintosh e Linux. Sul tablet e sullo smartphone iOS e Android e avere accesso a tutti i file di qualsiasi computer protetto con Memopal.
Memopal è disponibile in 16 lingue.

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