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    How to protect your digital life using the cloud

    We like to think of Memopal, Defenx Cloud Backup service, as a receptacle that contains your whole digital life and takes care of it. Your documents, spreadsheets, photos, videos and any other type of file are stored on your Memopal account, no matter when and where you last saved them. How to protect your digital life using the cloud.

    And the best part comes when you don’t just need that Word document – you need the 11:15 version of that Word document. You decided to change the whole thing, before realising that the first draft was more convincing. But where is it now? The answer is simple: Memopal.

    And there are much worse scenarios, even if we don’t like to mention them. The unfortunate reality is that at least 3 of our friends have been infected by a CryptoLocker-style virus, a malware that locks down your files and asks you to pay a ransom to get them back. Above all, how can you trust them? Even if you decide to give in and pay, you can never be sure of getting your files back.
    If you own a company or you’re in charge of IT, you can’t afford to lose data. Very few companies survive after a large-scale data loss.

    You can rely on Defenx. If your computer does happen to get one of these viruses, you just need to format the hard disk and install Memopal after re-installing the operating system. All your files will be there, exactly where they always have been. Isn’t it great?

    Instead of lamenting the loss of the files you care about most, think about how you can keep them safe. If you want to find out more about restoring files, we’ve written a guide that tells you how to restore files by choosing the day and time. You can find it in the Support section of the Memopal website:

    Any questions? Just email support@defenx.com