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    Memopal is the best solution for CryptoLocker and other Ransomware

    What would you do if someone stole the pictures of your family or confidential data of your customers?

    Do you think that is unlikely? It is happening to millions of web users. How can it happen? Simply by clicking on a file attached to an e-mail. Memopal is the best solution for CryptoLocker and other Ransomware.

    With Memopal you can feel comfortable. Memopal takes care of your files by creating a copy on its servers. In the event that you should get a virus such as CryptoLocker, you can recover your photographs, documents of your customers to the version prior to the virus.

    More than 1 million users worldwide have chosen Memopal as a way to secure family photographs, customer data that could not be recovered if lost.

    Here’s how you can protect your data from virus of the Cryptolocker family using Memopal:

    • Download Memopal
    • Install Memopal on your computer
    • Create a free account and start protecting your files, you can access files protected with Memopal from any computer connected to the Internet via your credentials from smartphone and tablets iOS and Android.