Your data, your life.
Safe & secure with Defenx
Defenx provides total peace of mind, delivering complete protection, allowing you to browse, buy online, share your files and keep your data and devices 100% secure. Defenx protects you and your family from everyday threats such as viruses, malware, data loss, identity theft and online bank fraud. Enjoy a safe and secure digital life with Defenx every time you use your computer, tablet or smartphone.
Mobile life, mobile security
Today mobile devices offer exciting opportunities to browse, buy, share and experience everything the web has to offer – wherever and with whoever you want. your entire life is stored on your smartphone and tablets : personal images, key identity data, bank details and much more. do not let your mobile devices provide an open door to all of the threats and risks that are an everyday reality in cyber space such as identity theft and online banking fraud.
360° protection for your smartphone, tablet and computer
when you use your devices at home or work, you can rely on the total protection guaranteed by the Defenx mobile security suite. ensuring the safety of your personal data to prevent the exploits of hackers Defenx keeps your devices protected to ensure 100% peace of mind.
Enjoy apps threat free
More than ever there are so many useful and fun applications that both make your life easier and enhance the enjoyment of your smart devices. Whether you are making an online banking transaction, booking a flight or hotel your key personal data is stored. Unfortunately these activities can have extremely costly consequences if your personal data or identity is violated.
Protect your data, protect your life
Defenx cloud backup creates a secure copy of all of your data – documents, images and private financial information. If your computer is lost, stolen, breaks down or even if a file is removed by mistake or corrupted you can rely on Defenx to save the day. Defenx will provide a complete copy image of all of your files in a secure environment for you to access.
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