Data is the heart of your business

Keep it safe from any kind of attack

Cloud backup and Synchronisation allow you to optimise the flow of documents and automate backups.

Manage accounts from 500GB with the administration panel.

Keeping backup copies is essential because:

Files are safe from external attacks

If one of your employees' computers gets infected with malware, the administrator can always recover a clean version of the files from the company's Memopal account.

Quick restoration of cloud files

You can restore files from the cloud to a local device or external hard drive at any time. You can choose which version of the file to restore based on the date and time.

Shared folder

Your team will have access to a shared and synced folder to exchange files and folders securely. Thanks to this folder, all employees will always have access to the latest version of the file that they are sharing with the team, and any changes that they make will be instantly implemented across the network.

Multi-platform in 16 languages

You can install Memopal on all your devices - Windows, Mac and Linux desktops and servers, as well as iOS and Android tablets and smartphones, giving you access to all your files from any device protected with Memopal.

Cloud and Synchronisation: your server is safer than ever

File Sharing

The sync feature lets you share files with your colleagues in complete safety, shielded from every type of attack. The sync feature means that there is no active network sharing, conflicts are handled by the server, and backups are automatic.

Centralised backup

The fact that a single console is used to view and manage backups for all devices and users on the network greatly simplifies the work of the IT administrator. Our alert service keeps you informed regarding the status of your backup or any problems via a weekly email.