Healthcare System Technology

Reduction cost and build up the Healthcare in your Country.
Starting out with HRP when all is well-defined is much easier, quicker and less costly to install.

Defenx Health Solution

How costly is a healthcare system that can’t effectively check every one of its costs?

  • Inefficient administrative procedures
  • Obsolete technological support
  • Difficulty in introducing new procedures
  • Partial cost control


Government annual health spending per capita

  • Average cost “Public Health and Administration” in the top 10 countries of the world: 350$ year per capita
  • 260$ per year, per capita: management, personnel and infrastructure
  • 90$ per year, per capita: data organisation, archiving and controls

Current health spending per capita (USD PPP)

How can the situation be improved?

It would take an automated collection and storing system and quick access to healthcare data, accessible to both the healthcare system and patients

Simple Phase to the new Healthcare System

HAP is the answer to this question. HAP was created by Partner Defenx, an Italian company with ISO 9001-2008 certification and established experience in the international healthcare information sector. HAP is the current innovative system electronically and expertly managing the healthcare in the world: HRP (Health Resource Planning).

  • Digital Health Card (Phase A)
    See their healthcare files online Citizen’s Doctors can have easy access to the patient healthcare files online
  • Computerising Clinc Files (Phase A)
    Have emergency room information from online personal reports, Consult the patients’ healthcare dossiers online.

HRP – How we do It

New generation of revenue

Phase One Start Up

  • Headquarter Setup
  • Local data centre infrastructure Setup
  • Disaster recovery configuration and start up
  • Selection, hiring and training of local and Defenx “Project Management TEAM”
  • Help desk and Call Centre activation
  • Design and creation of the personalized Digital Health Card
  • Interconnection of the first “digital” Hospital

Phase Two Go Live

  • Selection of the first area to deploy with the Digital Health Card
  • Distribution of the Digital Health Card to the Citizens
  • Collection from the hospitals and computerization of medical records and analysis of laboratory
  • Provision of the HRP Portal to doctors and citizens
  • Go Live! of the HRP Project, with reports and statistics to the government, for the selected area

Benefit and Innovation

  • Have disease statistics online
  • Do healthcare costs control
  • Do vaccination and prevention planning
  • Do healthcare system planning

Reduction cost and build up the Healthcare in your Country

Starting out with HRP when all is well-defined is much easier, quicker and less costly to install. Estimated savings for costs of management, personnel and infrastructure: = 50% (conservative estimate)

  • A social service
  • Patient files are accessible from anywhere
  • Allows for drawing out of epidemiological information, so enable formulate government strategies.
  • A base upon which the Ministry can structure development of the territory’s healthcare services.
  • Inter admittance procedure Pharmaceutical provisions (electronic prescriptions) Centralised booking centre.
  • Allows for healthcare cost reduction in the area of reevaluation of exams.
  • System check for performance, provisions, admittance, disease.

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