Enterprise level security solutions

Our products for communication and exchanging encrypted data are the ideal solution to the growing demand for security and privacy between large companies and international institutions.

Our tools dedicated to the world of enterprise

  • Network Security


    Defenx security covers all your business devices, and offers a single control centre to protect your network.


  • Defenx Mail Security

    No more spam or threats of any kind that are disseminated via email.


  • Defenx ECS

    Defenx Network Security covers all of your business devices and offers a single control panel to protect your entire network.


Backup and Sync with your brand

Memopal Cloud Backup

Bespoke identity for both desktop and mobile applications offered in 16 languages within your brand. Contact us to find out how cloud storage can change how your business interacts with your customers.


We develop the technology we use

We are responsible for the development of every technological solution we use. Our development team is based in Switzerland, Italy and England.

Cloud services are provided by servers in Italy on a proprietary architecture built entirely by us, allowing us to offer competitive prices.

Offer our Enterprise Solutions to your customers

Discover our White Label and SDK solutions now.

You can either integrate our security, cloud and protection services into your software or simply add our product range to your portfolio and sell our solutions under your own brand..

White label

White label

White label Antivirus and Cloud services created for your brand.

Our technology is flexible and can be implemented with various options, offering total security and seamless integration within your brand identity.



Add Defenx SDK to your application.

Our SDK packages integrate with any app, offering the full protection and peace of mind that is delivered by both our Mobile and Desktop Antivirus software.


Our strategic partners are global leaders in their field; hardware manufacturers, distributors, resellers and network operators.

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