White label

White Label Total Protection solutions with your branding

Our technology is available with various options offering total security and seamless integration with your brand identity.

Mobile Security Suite

The Mobile Security Suite is available for Android and iOS. It protects your device from viruses, gives you peace of mind when browsing thanks to its safe browsing and antivirus features, and provides complete control over the information stored on your smartphone.

Privacy Advisor

Defenx Privacy Advisor analyses the applications installed on your smartphone and the information that each one has access to. Each application is then assigned one of three risk categories: high, medium, or low. When a medium or high risk application is identified, a notification is immediately sent to the user asking them to check.

Cloud Backup & Sync

Memopal's white label Cloud Backup is the solution that lets you offer your customers cloud storage and sync services with your own branding. Our storage technology is proprietary, with the data stored at our own data centre in Rome. This means we can guarantee 99% uptime and instant support in both Italian and English.

We can customise our platform to suit your needs. Our software and apps are available in 16 languages, and we can add a new language in under 30 days.

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