Total Protection Against Cyber Crime FR

Don't cry anymore for ransomware! Use your computer and your smartphone with complete peace of mind.

Memopal Online Backup 500GB
Defenx Security Suite for desktop
Mobile Security Suite

for only

instead of € 144

You’ll never need to worry about malware and ransomware. Defenx will take care of your sensitive information stored on your computer and on your smartphone. Forget about lost files, stolen computers or damaged hard drives.

The Indispensable Package for Your Total Protection

Virus scanner

Antivirus & Antispyware

Your device is protected from millions of viruses, spyware, adware and potentially harmful apps.Browse without downloading spyware and your personal information will be always safe.


Privacy Service

Your personal details, such as email addresses, credit card informations and other senstive information stored on your computer and on your smartphone will be protectet preventing third parties from gaining access.



If your smartphone is stolen or lost you can locate it try to recover it or block it by going to using any browser.

Cloud Backup is the solution to Ransomware blackmail

There is never a need to worry about malware and ransomware, such as CryptoLocker as you always have a clean version of all files available and easy to recover on your secure account.


Secure Sync

Sync files and folders across all of your computers. Securely share folders; if someone deletes a file you can easily retrieve it.

Photo Album

Photo Album

All photos of all your devices protected, will be automatically organized by day and year into a photo album available on your smartphone and on your computer.

For all devices

For all devices

Compatible with all your devices: Windows, Mac and Linux desktops, plus iOs and Android tablets and smartphones, giving you access to all your files from any device through username and password.

Everyday Defenx products protect more than 2 million people around the world.

Amazing Total Protection Package

Security Suite for Desktop
Mobile Security suite
500GB Memopal Online Backup

for only 79€
instead of 144€