The app that sends for help when you're in danger

Defenx SOS sends a request for help to one or more people in an emergency

SOS Help Me

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Defenx SOS is your secret weapon in an emergency. Thanks to this application, your friends, relatives or other designated contacts can come to your aid if you find yourself in trouble. Download it now on your Android device.

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Automatic Fall Detection

Defenx SOS Help Me sends a request for help when the device's sensors detect an unexpected acceleration. For example, this could happen in the event of an assault, accident, sudden illness or fall.

The message indicates the date and time as well as the location of the device when the alarm was raised.


On-Demand SOS Alerts with the Panic Button

You can also purchase a Bluetooth panic button which plugs into your phone's headphone jack to send a request for help. When you press the panic button, Defenx SOS sends a notification to your chosen contacts. The recipients can then provide assistance as needed.


Event History

You can view the app's event history, which lists every time the alarm has been activated, showing the date, time and location details.

The app knows where you are and who it needs to alert

Your location is saved on the map

Customised alerts

Choose who you want to notify in an emergency and how you want to do it. You can make a call or send a text.

SOS Help Me

The app that sends for help when you're in danger

Try it for 30 days

Installing and enabling Defenx SOS for smartphone

How to install Defenx SOS Help Me and enter the activation code