We care about your privacy

Find out what information the apps that you have installed on your smartphone can access

Privacy Advisor


Defenx Privacy Advisor is the app for your Android smartphone that lets you track what information the apps that you have installed can access.

A growing number of seemingly useful apps for your smartphone can in fact invade your privacy and put your personal information at risk.

All the benefits of installing useful apps on your smartphone, without sacrificing security


High risk

High risk apps are those which access your most important information, such as the set-up details for your Google account.


Medium risk

Medium risk apps are those which cannot access personal details, but do have access to information that you would prefer to keep confidential, e.g. your location, camera and phone number.


Low risk

Low risk apps are those that interfere with battery usage or start up automatically when you turn on the phone.

Totally intuitive

At a glance, you can see the potentially dangerous apps on your phone and take immediate action as required.

Find out what the apps you have installed know about you

Every app that you have installed is assigned a risk level, and by checking the details you can see what information each one has access to.

Privacy Advisor

We care about your privacy

Install and enable Defenx Privacy Advisor on your smartphone

How to install the application and enter the code to activate the licence