Use your smartphone with complete peace of mind

Total Protection from viruses and malware. Locate and block your phone with a single click if it’s lost or stolen

Mobile Security Suite

Use your smartphone with complete peace of mind. Defenx Mobile Security Suite includes anti-phishing, anti-theft and antivirus features as well as SIM protection, safe browsing. It also provides a secure browser and webcam blocker to stop any malicious spying through your smartphone.

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The Mobile Security Suite monitors all activities on your smartphone, including potentially malicious ones, preventing third-party applications from intercepting your information without your knowledge.



If your smartphone is stolen or lost, you can locate it and try to recover it or block it by going to using any browser.

Virus scanner

Virus Scanner

Your device is protected from millions of viruses, spyware, adware and potentially harmful apps. You can set up automatic weekly scans to ensure your device is always protected.

anti phishing


The app blocks access to websites that are considered unsafe.

Navigazione sicura

Safe Browsing

It blocks whole categories of websites so that the browser cannot access certain types of sites.


Activity Log

In the Activity Log, you can find a summary of all the activities and actions carried out by the app.

Virus Scanner

Thanks to the virus scanner, you can safely use all your smartphone's features.

Safe Browser

If you're after super-safe browsing, try our browser specifically designed for iOS smartphones. You can block whole categories of websites so that they cannot be accessed.

Anti-theft protection for your smartphone

If you lose your phone or it gets stolen, you can find out where it is and go out to recover it or block it with a single click.

Mobile Security Suite

Antivirus and safe browsing for your smartphone

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Installing and enabling Defenx Mobile Security Suite on your smartphone

How to Install Defenx Mobile Security and enter the activation code