Protection for the whole family

Parental Control is the ideal solution to protect your family from the dangers of the internet

Mobile Parental Control

The widespread use of technological devices such as smartphones, tablets, PCs coupled with the ease of access to the internet and social networks means that our children may unknowingly come into contact with unknown and potentially dangerous people or topics. Defenx has therefore developed a solution to allow parents to monitor how their children use various devices.

Our solutions offer parents the ability to control their children's internet access, activities and the content viewed

Online activity

Online activity

Keep track of the websites visited by your child

Block inappropriate content

Inappropriate content blocking

Blocks all adult sites and gives parents the option to control other categories

Limiting time

Time limits

Allows parents to set time limits for how long their children stay online and the hours during which they can access the internet

Location tracking & panic button

Location tracking & panic button

Track your children's location. In an emergency, the child can use the panic button to call for help

Track sms messages & calls

Track messages & phone calls

Monitor the most common numbers in terms of both calls and message, and manage the blocked lists

Control games & apps

Monitor apps & games

Set a time limit for playing games and apps, and block any that you do not want to run

Mobile Parental Control

Protect your family

Available for Android

Mobile Parental Control

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Keep track of how the other Apps you have installed access your personal information.

Keep track of how the other Apps you have installed access your personal information.