A copy of your files, safe in the cloud

Access your files in the cloud from any computer, smartphone or tablet wherever you are. Software and web app available in 16 languages across the most used platforms: Windows, Macintosh, Linux, iOS and Android.

Install Memopal on all your computers and mobile devices and you'll be able to find any file on Memopal cloud account whenever you need it. If your local hard disk is full, upload everything to Memopal and delete the files from your computer. You'll always have the latest version of the files you shared with your colleagues and your family in the Memopal Sync folder on your computer desktop.


Total protection against CryptoLocker

Memopal keeps every version of your files online with no time limits. This means that if your computer happens to get infected with CryptoLocker-style malware, you always have a clean version of the files stored on your Memopal account which you can restore.


Fast file recovery from the cloud

You can recover files from the cloud to a local device or external hard drive at any time. You can choose which version of the file to restore based on the date and time.


Your photos whenever you want them

If your photos are uploaded to Memopal, you always have them with you no matter which computer or device you saved them on, so you can view them or send them to whoever you want. The photos are stored on your Memopal account and don't take up space on your smartphone.


For all devices

You can install Memopal on all your devices - Windows, Mac and Linux desktops, plus iOS and Android tablets and smartphones, giving you access to all your files from any device protected with Memopal.

Click on Add to add a folder to your backup set. This folder and all its subfolders will be backed up.

The Status tab shows you an overview of your account, the space available for backups and the progress of the upload as a percentage. By clicking on Sign In you can access the web app, where you can browse through your files, share them and download them.

The Restore function allows you to restore files and folders to your computer, choosing the date and time they were backed up.