Data is the key to your business

Keep it safe from threats

Did you know that only 6% of businesses that suffer data loss survive? 43% close immediately, and 51% close within two years.

With Memopal Business, you can create a shared space starting from 2TB for your company's employees and set up individual accounts that the system administrator can manage via a single panel.


Keeping backup copies is crucial - here's why:


Files are protected from outside attacks

If one of your employees' computers gets infected with malware, the administrator can always recover a clean version of the files from the company's Memopal account.


Fast file recovery from the cloud

You can recover files from the cloud to a local device or external hard drive at any time. You can choose which version of the file to restore based on the date and time.


A shared folder

Your team will have access to a shared and synced folder to exchange files and folders securely. Thanks to this folder, all employees will always have access to the latest version of the file that they are sharing with the team, and any changes that they make will be instantly implemented across the network.


Multiplatform and available in 16 languages

Puoi installare Memopal su tutti i tuoi dispositivi desktop e server Windows, Macintosh e Linux. Sul tablet e sullo smartphone iOS e Android e avere accesso a tutti i file di qualsiasi computer protetto con Memopal.
Memopal è disponibile in 16 lingue.

Administrator Panel

The system administrator has access to a panel where they can create accounts for employees and monitor the backup status.

Scheduled backups

Set up scheduled backups, choosing the time of day you wish to back up, or alternatively selecting a specific day of the week and time.


Full control of the backup process from the program's Status window.

You can count on us
We've been taking care of the entire stack for 10 years


Our Data Center

We have our own data centre where the files are stored. No one can access the data centre unless they have the necessary authorisation, obtained through a process that complies with the most stringent security protocols. Our data centre has ISO/IEC 27001 certification.


Proprietary File System

The file system that we use was designed by us.
Over 10 years in the industry, we have developed and perfected our proprietary storage system: the Memopal File System (MGFS).