Total protection for all smartphones and desktops

We develop extensive security and cloud backup services for desktops,
mobiles and business networks.

Surf the internet safe in the knowledge that you are completely protected against viruses, spyware and malware.

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Protect your smartphone from malware and viruses shared via whatsapp, telegram, facebook and messenger.

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All your files are safe in one place

Network Security

Defenx security covers all your business devices, and offers a single control centre to protect your network.

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Protect your smartphone at all times

Discover the apps that will protect your privacy and your safety

Our Mobile Security Suite protects your smartphone from malware and viruses, including those shared through WhatsApp, Telegram and Facebook Messenger.

Defenx SOS Help Me keeps you safe by sending an SMS or email to your chosen contact in the event of an incident, such as an unexpected fall.

You have total control over the mobile apps that access your information. Defenx Privacy Advisor is an app for your Android smartphone which allows you to monitor access to your personal information by apps that you have installed.

We develop the technology that we use

We handle the development of all the technological solutions that we use. Our development team is based in Switzerland, Italy and the UK.

Our Cloud team have developed an industry leading and award winning solution that delivers proprietary architecture. Our Cloud products provide an unrivalled fast and secure solution to both businesses and consumers alike, within an exceptionally competitive pricing model.

We have strategically partnered with global leaders in security, hardware manufacturing and mobile service providers.

Defenx continues to develop these relationships through development and innovation.


We provide customised solutions

White labelSDK