The perfect defence against viruses and malware

Detects and destroys all kinds of threats

Defenx Antivirus

With Defenx Antivirus, your computer is protected from viruses and malware in real time. Every time a threat is detected, it is immediately removed or quarantined.

All the benefits of Defenx Antivirus


Auto-Scan and System Monitor

The software automatically scans all new files, deleting or quarantining those that are infected. The System Monitor helps to detect new viruses by checking the system's critical areas and alerting you if there are any changes.

Email target

Email scanner

The email scanner stops any infected messages from reaching your inbox. Infected messages are automatically identified, and are then deleted or quarantined depending on your preference.


Instant Messenger, Office Plugin and Script Virus Protection

You can set up Defenx to automatically scan Messenger attachments and Office documents before they are opened. Script viruses are blocked as soon as they are detected.

Intuitive interface

Once the software is installed, you are prompted to update its virus definitions and scan your system.

Easy to set up

You can easily customise the program's settings to suit your needs.

Reports whenever you need them

In the Reports section, you can keep track of all the potential threats that have been detected, files in quarantine, etc.


Defenx Antivirus

The perfect defence against viruses and malware

Available for Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP.

How to install and activate Defenx Antivirus on your computer

Install the antivirus and insert the activation key