Mobile Security Suite

Before you download and install the new software for PC, please control the license code.
If the code starts with DFXSS (Security Suite) or DFXAV (Antivirus) you have the new license code for the new release and you can proceed to download and install the software.
a) Download the Defenx version associated with you key.

Otherwise, please use the key conversion system to generate a new key in this link. Then proceed to download and install a new software using the key provided in the email of conversion.

For License codes with more than 1 user or more than 1 year, proceed sending an email asking to replace the key, providing the key for exchange to:

Security Suite

For Windows 10 and earlier
Earlier : Windows Service Pack 3 needed version 10 version 10


For Windows 10 and earlier
Earlier : Windows Service Pack 3 needed version 10

Cloud Backup

Download Defenx Cloud Backup to have all features available. For the Mobile SYNC feature all the pictures/photos are automatically saved and the all other files need to be manually.

For Android:

For IOS:

Network Security

Defenx Network Security is a centrally-managed solution consisting of tightly-integrated virus protection, spyware protection, spam protection, identity protection and firewall.

Defenx Network Security helps you safeguard from new emerging threats like network viruses, spam emails, inappropriate content and spyware that can compromise your identity and privacy. It puts you in total control of the communication inside and outside of your network.

For testing the network security, please send an email to, you should receive a key to be inserted in the Network Security App. Before installation please read carefully the both manuals you can find here below for download.

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