Powerful protection against email-borne threats

Eliminates all threats originated from email and spam content with layered security

Defenx Mail Security insulates web gateway and monitors data travelling through the network and inbox for any signs of malware. Easy to deploy and manage, renders business communication effective and safe from data theft.

Key Features and advantages

Real time Antivirus

Protects business related data and confidential client information at all end-points from hostile attacks.

Attachment Filter

Blocks named attachments or attachments by true file type, file extension, or file name.

Integrated Web Console

A centralized web based management console for access and control. Any web console can be utilized as admin console. SSL can be used to access remote servers via a secure product console.

Multi Role Support

Exchange Serve can be configured to function as, Mailbox, Edge Transport, Hub Transport

Content Filter

Filters messages with a word match list and respond to concealed threats. Transmission of hostile content to the Exchange client is blocked.

Automatic Updates

Automatically updates new program components and virus definitions.

Periodic Reports & Logs

Extensive reports and data logs on threat, security risks, violations and spams, sent to the admin via email.

Alert Notifications

Email notifications are sent to the administrator when detects threat in email and subsequent response to eliminate the malware. A mail attachment is infected. Inappropriate content from an email message are discarded. Critical malware outbreak occurs.

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