whatever the size of your business, the threats to which it is exposed are significant and very real.
On site and off site network exposure, constant information and file exchange between staff and customers requires a robust and intelligent security solution to protect your business. In an ever changing environment your critical data is exposed to an ever growing number of threats – open network access, internet search, social networking to name a few. Defenx security solutions deliver continuous protection that monitor your entire network and detects any potential threats before they have disastrous consequences to your business. Defenx business solutions are easy to install and manage, they provide automatic updates that always put your business one step ahead, providing peace of mind that your critical data is always protected.
Defenx offers total protection from external threats
defenx network security is a complete solutions for SME to enterprise business. Powerful yet easy to use defenx delivers complete protection against current and future threats to your network. Our solution provides remote a console management tool and easily integrates to your business, offering full protection against viruses, spyware, spam and much more
Keep all of your strategic critical data and documents secure on our award winning cloud solution.
Defenx cloud solutions allow you to back up all of your network data and store in a safe environment. Our cloud product enables you to perform auto updates to your entire network files, providing a mirror image of all data that can be accesses in seconds through a secure access point. In the event of worst case scenarios such as lost, stolen or damaged HW Defenx allows you to access everything that is critical to the running of your business. Defenx cloud solutions will also protect against ransomware attacks as our solution can easily restore all of your data to a point in time prior to a ransom attack
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