• Privacy Advisor

    Enjoy apps, remove threats

    Defenx Privacy Advisor is an application that scans each application installed in order to determine the risk to advise each of them.

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    About this product

    Nowadays there are seemingly unlimited apps that make your life more enjoyable and daily tasks more managable are available: playing games, booking flights or hotels, even making payments from your device.
    Unfortunately an ever growing number of apps can hide increasing risks of privacy violations and data theft.
    Defenx Privacy Advisor scans every application in your device and alerts about their specific permissions of access. This would happen each time there is an update to any application on your device so you are always protected against any risk or violation.

    The product would categorise into three risk levels – low, medium and high and will advise you to tak appropriate action.

    The features
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    With Defenx Cloud Backup, your files are always secure in the cloud. In case of computer failure, theft or deletion of the file by mistake, there will always be a secured copy online.

    Sharing of file and folders

    With Defenx Cloud Backup its possible to share pictures in one click with your friends, share your documents and folders up to 1GB. Shared folder available to synchronize files between computers with total security.

    All your files in a single place

    Install Defenx Cloud Backup for all your devices Windows, Mac and Linux with the same Licence. When a file is needed, no need to remember in which device its stored, you will find it in your account at Defenx Cloud Backup. With your username and password you can access your backup from any smartphone, tablet and other computer.

    All your pictures safe

    Defenx Cloud Backup stores all your pictures organized in a gallery, independent of their location in a secured directory and held on our secure infrastructure

    Clean data

    All data, also shared data, can be deleted, but NOT removed. Files deleted remain ALWAYS available: just administrator can perform the final elimination.

    Data Backup and Recovery

    Defenx Cloud Backup maintain saved data every single date/hour without OVERLAP them on previous backup. This allows you to recover data at a certain retroactive date.