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About this product

Use the web for opportunity not threat

While the Internet provides access to a huge quantity of information and business opportunity, it also exposes your computer to a multitude of security threats and privacy breaches that most of us are not aware of. Web-based malware hides on websites, seemingly legitimate or harmless and each computer within your network is a potential open door for a cyber attack, Defenx Network Security is a powerful, yet easy-to-use comprehensive security solution that offers protection against the new breed of threats.

A completely integrated solution

Defenx Network Security is a centrally-managed solution consisting of tightly-integrated virus protection, spyware protection, spam protection, identity protection and firewall. Defenx Network Security helps you safeguard from new emerging threats like network viruses, spam emails, inappropriate content and spyware that can compromise your identity and privacy. It puts you in total control of the communication inside and outside of your network.

Proactive protection

Modern Internet threats are more and more difficult to uncover; they exploit unknown vulnerabilities that infiltrate the system and hide themselves to damage systems and critical data Defenx detects and blocks many of these so-called zero day exploits attacks Defenx offer a proactive protection, monitoring of diverging software behaviour in systems combined with traditional signature-based virus and spyware protection.

Keep on working with defenx protection

Defenx provides continuous protection while you work to monitor your system for unusual symptoms and events that may indicate an active threat. Defenx scan every file opened, executed or saved on your computer and all connected media and disk drives. It automatically detects and removes known viruses and prevents the opening or executing of infected files.

Antivirus protection

Network Security Anti-malware protects your computer from viruses, Trojans, Internet worms and harmful scripts. Network Security Anti-malware detects viruses and potential threats in email messages and instant messenger attachments. It monitors the critical areas of your system for changes and proactively warns you of the consequences.

Firewall protection

Defenx Network Security FireWall monitors all incoming and outgoing Internet traffic, controlling the programs that access the Internet, thereby preventing any malicious attacks.

Safeguard your privacy from email and spam based attacks

Communication is essential for an organization to exchange information between teams, customers and suppliers. Unfortunatly email and instant messaging are also one of the most common channels for phishing and privacy violations. Network Security controls the information sent over the Internet via emails and messenger programs. It enhances privacy and protects your identity by preventing surfing habits from being tracked, keeping your business safe at all times.

AntiSpam Protection

Network Security SpamFilter employs powerful filtering algorithms that automatically learn to identify the nature of the email. It scans all incoming email for spam subject matter and marks all spam emails with a special header.

Know the benefits
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loads into memory when Windows starts and provides continuous protection while you work; and monitors your system for unusual symptoms that may indicate an active threat

Full on-access protection

provides maximum protection by scanning every file opened, executed or saved; and prevents the opening or executing of infected files

Full online email protection

checks all incoming and outgoing email, providing full protection from email-borne threats

Integration with email clients

adds buttons to the toolbar of supported email clients

Instant messenger protection

scans and detects viruses in email and instant messenger attachments

Trojan protection

detects the activity of Trojan programs and recovers system files modified by Trojans

Carnivore Drive-by-download blocking

Detects and blocks many zero day browser exploits that include automatic downloading of malicious software

Carnivore Zero day threat blocking

Carnivore, a new pro-active defense mechanism allows the product to detect and block zero day attacks from PDF based exploits

Protection from hackers

hides your computer from hackers; automatically detects which applications can connect to the Internet