Defenx Apps
Mobile Security Suite Keep your personal device private

Windows Phone, iOS and Android supported

About this product
Security & privacy while you are surfing or downloading apps

Information on the device, app behaviour and potentially malicious activity is monitored by Defenx to thwart data theft and keep your device safe.

Anti phising & Antivirus

control all websites you visit and block access to those detected unsafe. The applications are constantly scanned to identify any presence of viruses and spy-ware.

Create web site blacklists

You can also create and manage a blacklist of website you want blocked, or choose among a list of categories suggested by the module

Safe Browser

if you want more security, for you or your children you can use the browser specially created for Defenx users.

Webcam Protection

the feature disables the access to Webcam for all applications in your device. This protects against unauthourised spying.

SIM Protection

If your SIM is removed a message will be sent via email and SMS.

Keep your device free from spam

Anti Spam controls for your SMS and MMS using the lists of welcome and unwelcome recipients, which you can create within settings.


The Defenx dashboard helps the user access a quick view of their situation enabling you to manage various events and information within the device.