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Cloud Backup for Business Keep your sensitive data and documents secure and safe on the cloud

Windows Phone, iOS and Android supported

About this product
Defenx Cloud Backup creates a secure copy of your files and folders in the cloud, allowing you and your employees to share them simply and securely. Your business can continue uniterupted even if a computer or device breaks or stolen, your business can even continue if a document is inadvertantly removed or damaged as you will be able to restore your network to a previous moment in time.

Your data, one place, 100% safe

You can install Defenx Cloud Backup on all Windows, Mac and Linux devices within a single licence. All documents and data for each computer on your company network will be safe, secure and in one location. You can access all of your network data at any time, from any device: smartphone, tablet or computer.

Protect your business from computer blackmail (ransomware)

A huge growth area in cyber crime is the criminal activity of infecting enterprise systems with software called ransomware, this attack prevents the user of accessing files stored within networked computers. Once the network has been attacked a ransom demand would follow, usually via email to demand money to restore access to your key files and data. These ransom attacks are hugely on the increase and cause much distress and embarrisment, not to mention the significant economical damage. As part of the Defenx Cloud Backup solution your files are always safe on the cloud and can be recovered at any time, anywhere. Defenx Cloud Backup allows you to restore your network to a previous moment in time therefore allowing you to reset your network prior to any Ransomware attack.

Access to your data anywhere. with any device

You can access your Data from anywhere and from any device: smartphone, tablet, or computer. Whether you are in the office, on the road or even in another country your documents can be accessed simply and securely.

Work as a team in a click

You can share all of your files and folders with both your employees and customers, wherever they are. It is safe and easy to use. Folders are syncronized across all devices so everyone is working on the updated information and quite literally on the same page.

Administration panel

The Defenx Cloud Backup Solution offers an easy to use panel that allows the administrator to ontrol and manage all accounts within the network.

The features
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With Defenx Cloud Backup, your files are always secure in the cloud. In case of computer failure, theft or deletion of the file by mistake, there will always be a secured copy online.

Sharing of file and folders

With Defenx Cloud Backup its possible to share pictures in one click with your friends, share your documents and folders up to 1GB. Shared folder available to synchronize files between computers with total security.

All your files in a single place

Install Defenx Cloud Backup for all your devices Windows, Mac and Linux with the same Licence. When a file is needed, no need to remember in which device its stored, you will find it in your account at Defenx Cloud Backup. With your username and password you can access your backup from any smartphone, tablet and other computer.

All your pictures safe

Defenx Cloud Backup stores all your pictures organized in a gallery, independent of their location in a secured directory and held on our secure infrastructure

Clean data

All data, also shared data, can be deleted, but NOT removed. Files deleted remain ALWAYS available: just administrator can perform the final elimination.

Data Backup and Recovery

Defenx Cloud Backup maintain saved data every single date/hour without OVERLAP them on previous backup. This allows you to recover data at a certain retroactive date.